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The use of music can enhance a video piece. The music sets the mood of the piece. To understand better, take some home video and add music to the shots. The music you use creates a mood. Try different pieces of music and notice the difference.

Music also establishes the style of the piece. The genre of music used tells the viewer what sort of piece they are watching. Music and narration have natural beats. Use these beats to go from one shot to the next. If the shot is emotional, use music that matches that emotion. If the narrator is talking quickly and with excitement, use several quick shots. The video needs to follow the sound so that the sound enhances the video.

Before editing, listen to the music. Feel the flow, rhythm and emotions of the piece. This will help as you decide the kinds of clips you will be creating from the shots.


This video has music.

This video has NO music.

Lay your music down first and then edit to the beat of the music. For iMovie, lay the shots down and then the music. After the music is laid down, then trim the shots to line up with the beat of the music.