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This is the process of putting all the elements together in such a way that a story is told. Today's editing is called digital editing because the editor uses a computer to manipulate the shots. The first step is to import the shots of video, music and narration into the computer. Next, arrange the clips in an order that tells a story. Remember, use the script to put the story together.

Using Music
A good editor will edit the video to the beat of the music or narration.

Using Effects
Using effects can be fun. But be warned: Too many effects and you may not be able to show your video on the web.

Jump Cut
As you're putting the shots together, watch that you don't create a Jump Cut.

Tip: Give yourself time to edit. Because the video can be edited in several different ways, decisions on how the piece moves need to be made time and time again. Allow yourself time to experiment with the piece you are creating. This is where the real fun in video storytelling happens.

Think it Through
Have Fun
Break a Tape

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