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About Us:

Kids' Vid is an instructional web site that gives teachers and students the tools necessary to implement video production in the classroom. Video production can be intimidating to the novice. Not to worry. It is nothing more than a method for recording research and expressing creative ideas. Video production, if properly implemented, is more than a new toy for students. It provides the tools and the means for students to create and display serious work in a new, exciting and engaging way that is appropriate for all age groups and abilities. This is a place for serious fun.

The Mission of Kids' Vid:

The mission of Kids' Vid is to offer teachers and students assistance in enhancing learning through the power of digital media.

The Goals of Kids' Vid:

  • To provide assistance in digital production .
  • To create a resource in digital production for the classroom.
  • To create a network of classrooms around the world that instigates joint productions.

This site was inspired in part by Mike Keating, a professional videographer and instructor, who developed a manual for integrating video into the classroom as part of his Master's thesis at Montana State University.

Please take a look around the site by clicking in the navigation bar at the top of the page or learn about the steps to creating a video by clicking on the icons on the left.

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