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Header for Scripting


This is the process of writing down on paper what the video is about. Is your piece a comedy? A Drama? Are you interviewing someone? Are you documenting an event? These questions and more are answered during the scripting process.

NEW! Storyboard
Storyboards are used to visualize your movie idea. You can use our storyboard to help get your movie ready to shoot by developing and printing your storyboard. Our Storyboard has a print function — a print box will come up for each page, you cannot save the storyboard on your computer.

The script is the main document used to produce the video. Other documents are created and used to help visualize and prepare for production.

Site Survey
Once the script is written, it is used to prepare for the production of the video. This process is called Preproduction. The producer uses the script to set up all the elements involved in shooting the video. These elements may include the budget and the Timeline. Also, the producer conducts a Site Survey and lines up the players, calls the interviewees, reservers the location and makes sure all the equipment is ready.