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5 in 1; The Scene

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In this activity you will break up into groups. Each group is to write a script with one scene. The scene is to have five shots. Then you will create a shot sheet describing each of the shots. There should be five shots on the shot sheet. Next, your group is to record the shots based on the script.


  • Write a script with five shots.
  • Write up a Shot Sheet based upon the script.
  • Become familiar with the controls on the camera you will be using for the activity. Focus on the record button and pause buttons and on the focus and the zoom controls. Shoot some video to test these out and check the results in the camera view finder.
  • Record a video (less than 2 minutes long) capturing the activity described in the assignment
  • Show your video to the class
  • Critically look at the scenes you created. Are there differences between the two scenes? Which scene do you think is more effective in telling the story? How can the scenes be shot differently to tell the story better? What types of problems do you see with the video? How would you do it differently?