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Where is it coming from?
Train yourself to look for the light. When you enter the area of taping, look around to see your light sources. Also, look at your subject(s) to see if there are any contrasts (bright and dark colors). Remember that the camera has a hard time with contrasts.


Child with spider

The light source should be behind the camera.


The two images on the right are of the same room but shot at opposite angles. The top one was shot into the light and bottom one is shot with the light behind the camera.


room with bright window

room with good lighting


What are they wearing? In a family gathering, there is not much you can do. But if this was a shoot, we would try to have the clothes be less contrasting. We would replace the stark white clothes with more pastels. This will create a softer, less contrasting, effect.


group with contrast clothes


Is it busy, loud or moving? Is the light source in front of the camera? Can you move to get a better shot and still have the subject in frame?

background is bright light


TIP: Shoot away from strong, white light unless you are consciously creating an artistic halo effect. You must make this decision BEFORE you shoot.

room lit with soft light


To find out more about lighting, click here.

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