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VidTips: Showtime

Here is a page with the html codes to help you put your video on the web:

Placing your video on a Web Page:

A link from your Web site:
Use the following code: <a href="../media/">
Test Movie</a>

Test Movie

Link from an image:
Use the following code: <a href="../media/BounceWeb.jpg"><img src="../media/BounceWeb.jpg" width="240" height="180" border=ÓNoÓ></a>

Using the EMBED tag:
Use the following code: <EMBED SRC="../media/" width="320" Height="256" AUTOPLAY="false" CONTROLLER=true >

EMBED tag with a poster movie:
Use the following code:<EMBED SRC="../media/" Width="320" Height="256" href="../media/" Target="Myself" Controller="False">

You are able to set your movie to autoplay and to have a controller.

Streamed Movies over the Web:
Use the following code: <embed src="../media/" Height="256" Width="320" QTSRC="rtsp://" Autoplay="False">

Tip: Before you decide to video tape, you need to know the format for your video.