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This term refers to the way the shot looks. What images are placed in front of the camera? Where are the images placed? What lights and colors are used? These questions all go into making up the composition. The Director of Photography called the DP, decides what images will be within the frame. In video, the person is called the shooter, the videographer or sometimes the "photog."

Below are just a few rules to help create the composition of the shot.

Rule of Thirds

Use of shadows

Look-See Room


Critical Focus

Rack Focus




A little History:
Artists were the first to compose images on a flat screen. They used lines and light to help create the illusion of 3 dimensions



TIP: When out shooting, make sure you use the natural lines in an object to help create the illusion of 3-D. Try not to shoot an object straight on and flat.

And remember before going out ask yourself: Do I have batteries and do I have tape?

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