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VidTips - Editing

Now the real fun starts. Editing, also known as Post Production, is where all of the elements of production are assembled to tell the story. This is where the the video comes to life. Below are a some editing tips:

Editing - Putting it All together
This is a quick overview to help you know where you are going in the editing process.

Time Code
This is vital in digital editing.

Logging the Footage
What is on the tape? A list is made so you do not have to shuttle through the tape each time you need a shot.

Edit Decision List
This is a written document of all the elements in the show. This helps the producer make what is called a "paper edit."

Screen Direction
You must consider which way the subject is moving and where the camera is placed. If you violate screen direction, you will have a major jump cut.


Tip: Before editing, if you have selected your music, listen to it. This will help get you in the mood of the piece.

Also, think it through. Do you have all the elements to begin editing?