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VidTips - The Edit Decision List

The Edit Decision List, called the EDL, is the document that has all the clips used in creating the video. Each clip has a name and unique time code numbers.
Remember, the term "clip" describes the electronic data used to create the video. This data can be the video, music, effects or narration.
The editor is able to print out the EDL. The producer than looks at the video. If there are any changes, the producer makes a note on the EDL indicating the changes in the video. The editor then uses the marked up EDL to make the changes. Sometimes a copy of the script is used as the EDL. If the script is used, it must have the name and the time code numbers for each clip, because these names and numbers help distinguish one shot from another.

The Paper Edit
Sometimes the producer will take a copy of the script, label the shots created in production as clips and use this new document as the EDL. This type of EDL is called a paper edit. The producer edits the movie on paper. This document is given to the editor, who puts the video together electronically. The editor literally edits by the numbers.

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