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Lighting Overview :
The primary reason for light is so we can see the subject. Another reason is to create shadows. The primary reason for shadowing is so we can see the dimensions of the subject. If we do not have shadows, we do not see detail in the shot. So remember, when lighting, you are really manipulating shadows.

Below are more explanations on lighting.

3 Point Lighting

Guerrilla Lighting

White Balance

White Balance Filters





Two things come into play when dealing with light: the amount you have and the amount you let in.

Your light source is the amount of light you have. It can be the sun, studio lights, or natural light.

The amount of light you let in depends on the iris of the camera. You open or close the iris to allow the light to come in. This is called exposure.

You need to have a balance between the amount of light let in by the iris and the amount of light created by the source. To experience balancing between the two, click here.




TIP: We control the light to manipulate the shadows. The eyes can see over 2000 shades of gray. Film is able to see 21 shades, but video can only see 7 shades of gray. So there is not much latitude or room for manipulation. However, if done right, the shadows will help create a 3D effect.

Overview | 3 Point | Guerrilla |White Balance | White Balance Filters
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