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Guerilla Lighting:
Guerrilla lighting is used when time is of the essence or when lighting equipment is unavailable. This technique is most often used in news reporting. The reporter has to shoot the interview, gather the B roll and go back to the station to edit the piece before the 6 O'clock news. So, she or he does not have time to set up the lights.
Still using the principles of 3 point lighting, the shooter looks around and finds existing lights to use.



Look for your primary light source and use the ambience light as the fill and back.


The sun will be our primary light source. Remember to put the sun behind the camera or the subjects will appear as black silhouettes.




Make sure not to mix the light source. You will get a blue color or a red color depending on what filter you have on. The example to the right has the indoor filter on, but uses the sun as a light source. Notice the blue rim on the subjects due to sunlight coming in from the window.


TIP: You can have the subject move between you and the sun. This gives an artistic effect of power.

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