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3 Point Lighting:
The primary reason for light is so the audience can see the subject. We use three light sources to illuminate the subject. A fourth light source is used for video.


Key Light:
This is the primary light source. It has the most wattage and thus the most light.


Fill Light:
This is the secondary light source. It provides extra light in the dark areas to boost the shadows. The fill is used to control the darkness of the shadows.


Back Light:
This is a light source used to separate the subject from the background. It is a hard light that creates a light lining around the subject. (Note: If the subject does not want to be seen, use only the Back Light.)


Base Light:
This is general light used to increase the general intensity of light for video. Film does not use the Base Light.


TIP: We combine the lights to highlight different aspects of the subject. To experience the different combinations of the four lights, click here.

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